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Project description

Version history

-Skills now have tooltips explaining what they do.
-4 more skills were added to the page. Some notable skills are the VIP and Twitch Mod. THey give mana daily for people that are vips and mods on stream.
-Updated the UI and added a bottom bar that will be used in the future.
-Added the ability to log out by going to the settings screen.
A new titan page version is live. You will notice that all of your stats have been reset to 1 and you have less points.That is because I have finally managed to implement a proper leveling system and everything should scale correctly now.
In addition to this I have added a few screens in the actions tab mainly the skills and world screen which I will detail below:

World screen:

-Every day the world draws 1 mana from the residual pool of every titan on the page. If the residual pool reaches 0 then the world will draw from the active mana pool. That means that titans with 0 residual mana will have a tougher time leveling and keeping the points they have earned.Also titans that reach 0 mana on both residual and active will be deleted from the page.
-You are also able to directly give your mana tot the word but keep in mind that this will not exempt you from the additional 1 mana it automatically draws per day.
-Having more mana on the screen will help everyone because additional screens get unlocked with the growth of the world, for example the ability to trade items between players is the next screen that will be available once a certain number of mana is reached on the world screen.You will always see the next screen you are working towards by having it visible but grayed out.

Skills screen:

-This is the screen where you will see the different skills you have unlocked, skills are awarded for doing different things on the titan page and they provide really good benefits.
-I will post every time a new skill becomes available but I wont put the means to attain it public, that means that some people will have some skills while other ill have different ones, of course if you manage to figure them all out and all the requirements for them you will be able to have them all.
-Every skill has 10 ranks with each rank improving the skill.
-I encourage you all to collaborate and share the skills you have and how you got them because even if you know how to unlock a skill that does not mean it will be easy to get it.
-For now there is only one skill attainable and i will drop a hint on how to get it, it has something to do with the world screen.
A new version of the page is up and running, the version has the account creation layout fixed and I have added the ability to put points into stats.