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Monthly giveaway

Current prize pool 15$

  • Every month on the last Friday of that month I will have a giveaway.
  • Requirements:

  • -you need to have a twitch account, you can create a free one here
  • -you need to have a PayPal account, you can create a free one here. Or a steam account in case you want the prize to be a steam gift card instead.
  • -you need some sort of tipping/donation page to make the payment process easier. You can use Streamelements or Streamlabs to create one.I personally suggest Streamelements but either one is fine.
  • -if you want to get the prize as a steam gift card you need to add me as a friend on steam. I only accept friend requests during streams so I know who sends me the request.
  • -and last you need an account on the titan page, you can create a free one here.
  • Description:

  • -this giveaway is meant to give something back to my viewers. And because we want to avoid the giveaway hunters, that only drop by during those streams, I have put in place a few systems.
  • -the people that can enter the giveaway will be selected from the titans, and the number will depend on the average viewcount in the last month but no less than 10. For example if I have the average viewcount of 20 for the month, the top 20 players on the titan page will be able to participate in the draw.
  • -during the giveaway stream we will have a fight using the game I designed. All the players selected to join can choose to do so and fight in a battle royal for the prize. The stats in the game will be the stats from the titan page.
  • -I will also participate in the game and if I win, half the prize will go towards the next month. Each month's prize will be determined by my sub count, but it will be no less than 10$. So if I have a 30 sub count on a month, the prize for that month will be 15$, but if I have less than 10 subs the prize will not go lower than 10$.
  • -in order to advance on the Titan page, you have to use the channel points redeems on twitch, or participate in different activities on stream, for mana points. The more points you have, the higher your stats and the more chances to get the prize of the month.

Previous winners:

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