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Feedback and testing game submissions.

Submit a game for me to play and test live on stream!

  • Every Friday I have gameplay day so I play and test the games that you made.
  • If no games are submitted I just play games from my backlog untill someone submits a game to test and play.
  • If you are not present in chat at the time of the test I will skip your game.If you fail to be present for 3 consecutive streams your game will be deleted from the list.
  • The submited game must be
  • 1. Made by you! Or you must be a part of the team and have permission from your teammates
  • 2. Free for me to play! (a key or otherwise)
  • 3. Playable on PC
  • Also note: Local multiplayer things are going to be hard for me to play if they have no singleplayer component
  • Submit as a dropbox link/drive link/itch key/steam key.
  • Itch is generally preferred!
  • Single executables that fail a virus scan may be rejected.
  • The gameplay streams happen here at 11:00 AM - EDT

Submitted games and priority:

  • 1. Seamless
  • 2. projet anti v